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This bike speaks for itself. It has never been laid down. There are no scratches on it. Its clean as a whistle. It runs like it is new and it only has around xxxx miles on it. I can get you on this bike TODAY!!!! Just call me or email me. The retail price on this SPECTACULAR BIKE is only $xxxx. If you interested but think that your credit isn't good enough go ahead and give me a call. I promise that I can get you on it today as long as you work with me. Its well worth every penny we are asking for and more. Its a deal that only last for so long. This bike won't be here to long so don't wait to call. Call me now or email me now. Some how get a hold of me. My number is (817)865-xxxx for calls, my number is (817)296-xxxx for texting. Please don't hesitate to call, text, or email me. For that split second that you hesitate some one esle could steal your chance with this great bike.